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Suzhou banks tightened mortgage

as the Central Bank decides to 9th raised the financial institutions ' deposit and lending interest rates by 25 basis points, it has been since October of last year the Central Bank raised interest rates for the third time in a row. After the Central Bank has raised the deposit reserve ratio, banks are more cautious in issuing mortgages at present, recently learned from the Suzhou 12 banks, most banks had to cancel the first preferential interest rates, and want to get 85 percent off the current more difficult.

it is understood that, in Suzhou, China Construction Bank, Bank of China, ICBC, agricultural Bank of China, Bank of communications, the current first-home purchases are minimum 30%, down payment on a second home purchases generally in 60%, in strict accordance with "eight" instructions. Preferential mortgage rates, banks credit staff, has been a handful.

Cancel preferential lines quickly tough

If the 2011 national real estate market is a Jolt, then big banks respond to policies of speed is also very fast. We learned from the banks surveyed, it is difficult to "Amoy" preferential mortgage rates, from "eight" and other regulatory policies, tough.

bottom result: Agricultural Bank of China first home 85 percent discount, but collect property consultants, 60-square-meter charged 150 Yuan/RMB, charged under 60 square meters 180 yuan/million. China Construction Bank's first 92 percent discount rate. Huaxia Bank 85 percent discount off first, but temporarily does not accept new individual housing loans in the short term. Other banks in terms of preferential interest rates already in a defunct state.

threshold for bank credit tightening housing loans steadily rising

in investigations, we can sum up a bit, line of major banks for housing loans are indeed limited, CITIC Bank staff very directly tells us "we currently did not limit be credits in November last year a lot of personal housing loan backlog of applications for, not through yet. "

we are also asking the scene handling loan business people, one woman said on condition of anonymity," bank loans are now harder, 92 percent discount, also reviewed for a long time, conditions were very much. Discount is always better than no discount, however strong, can save points, is one point. "

in addition, the number of staff, although the strict policy, but if she is a good customer, is also to make appropriate concessions. What constitutes the so-called "quality customers"? Bank insiders said the first customer in the Bank's total asset reaches a certain limit, such as a Bank, "Oto Fortune account", you can default to the Bank's customers. It is understood that the total customer assets to be more than 500,000. In addition, the number of joint-stock banks to remove deposit, length of bank customers in the Bank's deposits are valued, can be used as a "bonus" item. There are high levels of credit card are also can be used as a reference condition.

so it seems that mortgage rate discounts seem to be still open door to everyone, but ask, small or very disappointed. Already had the purchasing power of buyers, a "customer" is very easy for me, and they often offer is not "cold" group. Let just do not have a lot of savings in the near future, however young, just needs a family, want to become "customers", "VIP customers" really are "unattainable". This projection, many buyers of similar economic conditions, and actually is the first home loan interest rates are completely abolished.

so crunch in the housing policy of the Government, Bank lending rate exists in name only when someone says, "up, or down in? house prices in 2011, it's a problem. "Indeed quite proper.