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Mortgage interest rates mortgage slaves sigh

January 26 and 27th, eight new countries opened the 2011 real estate industry macro control and a property tax, and a vigorous regulatory battle begins. On February 8, the Central Bank announced to raise interest rates again, since February 9, 2011 to raise benchmark deposit and lending rates of financial institutions. One-year benchmark deposit and lending rates of financial institutions were revised up by 0.25%, other deposit and lending benchmark rates adjusted accordingly.

after several interest rates and discount to be withdrawn on home loans has great influence, after the rate rise, the 5-year loan interest rate 6.6% above. Statistics show that with a loan of 1.2 million Yuan, 20, for example, the borrower purchases first monthly payment increased to 141, buying second homes or to increase the amount of 159 Yuan. Currently 66 basis points today raised interest rates 3 times increase interest, monthly interest payments added up to four hundred or five hundred Yuan.

buyers suddenly increases in the cost of a lot of people to bear. According to a search room survey, 89.2% of netizens think interest rates increases the burden on home buyers, then raise interest rates affect housing? surveys, 56.8% one think the Central Bank raised its benchmark deposit and lending rates of financial institutions to the property market in Jinan is bound to have some effect, but had a limited impact in the short term.

eight new countries and property taxes two policies issued, by restricting the purchase, increasing cost and transaction taxes cracked down by means of investment. But after 2010 twists rather than drop the upswing trend, some home buyers house price decline of reasonable expectations have Dodge. Through the survey, 40.5% of users ignoring mortgage pressures are still planning to buy a house in 2011 and at the same time more people who are still hesitating whether to buy a house made a determination to wait-and-see, 40.5% of users choose to temporarily put on hold.

analysis of the industry, the direct impact of higher interest rates on the market will not be too great, but the effect on market confidence, buyers would gradually precipitate facilitates affordable housing supply before the market stay rational and irrational consumption to prevent the property market from spreading. Currently, inflation remains the primary problem of China's economy, the Central Bank raised interest rates to manage inflation expectations, prevent inflation, but also to curb the housing bubble, make prices rational return.