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Loan fees further tightening up mortgage

Spring Festival has just passed, further tightening mortgage banks to rein in lending, because of tight credit, some banks began to charge so-called "loan fee", some banks have chosen to stop acquiring; some banks even mortgage rates 10%. Even so, banks also have said that is not guaranteed when the loan will be approved.
"level one" "loan fee" began to draw the

"Miss Chen, I suggest you do not run at this bank mortgage, now they want to charge, I'll help you to ask other banks. "Yesterday, the certificate of an intermediary company in Hefei little regard to give his clients to call and tell her a not-so-good news. Xiaogu intermediary company and Bank of China have cooperative relations, so mortgages are generally handled in the Bank to handle. Little Miss Gu's customers drive is preparing loans these days, little care to help her go to the Bank, but was informed that now need to charge lending 2% about "loan fee." In this way, process miss a loan of 400,000 yuan to more than 8000 Yuan fee. And even more depressing is, even if the fees, and just have a "queue" qualifications of Bank lending could not be ensured.

added "loan fee" approach not only in the Bank of China, construction Bank of China, a staff member in charge of credit disclosed that it recently has also begun to 1% handling charge, "if we charge to developers of new homes, if only secondary to the lender, and do not pay a fee the company lined up. "

" level two "first mortgage rates rise

in credit lines" short supply "case, apart from a few banks would choose to charge" loan fee "approach control, and banks on loan rates have been adjusted.

first mortgage rate 85 percent discount has now become almost the "wishful thinking", at a press conference, consulting, Bank loan workers smiled and said: "do not think about 85 percent benchmark interest rate down very well. "While China Merchants Bank a loan staff member told reporters:" credit lines there, interest rates will have to rise. "In the banking sector after consultation, he told reporters:" the first mortgage is now 1.1 times the benchmark interest rate, is indeed very high. "Looking back, the China Merchants Bank loans, home mortgage interest rate has been as high as 7.26%.


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